Video Conference

Our video conference department specializes in visual conference. We use cutting edge video conferencing systems in leading hotels and various locations around Israel .

A Video Conference system is a communication system, capable of delivering information over IP or ISDN lines. We own several advanced Polycom Systems. 

Our clients include government offices, high-tech companies, and leading social organizations. Witness testimonies and interrogation are also very common today…and as a familiar company we have the courts approval for operating form within the court rooms.

Video conference meetings are held in large congress centers, meeting rooms etc. however, a video conference can take place anywhere if IP or ISDN infrastructure is available.

As members of the international video conference union, we can supply, on demand, meeting rooms with video conference system anywhere in the words. We have the ability to bridge large number of communication points with phone communication, to facilitate a meeting with multiple participants, in Israel and abroad.

 Among our clients:

Israeli Knesset (Parliament)

Minisrty of Justice

Habima theatre

Wolf foundation

Haifa technion



CITADIS – Jerusalem light rail